Portable Winch Kits!



Portable Winch Co. make lifting and pulling heavy loads a breeze. They can perform complex and demanding tasks, but most importantly are inherently safe and easy to use. Their great product range can be used in a wide variety of applications, including forestry, construction, farming, hunting, climbing and infrastructure.


With this in mind, we have put together a Forestry Kit and a Hunting Kit with the right accessories for each activity, so you can hit the ground running.


Our Forestry Kit is built around the heavy-duty PCW5000 Winch, which is powered by the ultra-reliable Honda 4-stroke GXH-50cc engine and has a pulling capacity of 1000Kg.


Our Hunting Kit has the extremely lightweight but powerful PCW3000 Winch at the centre of it. Weighing only 9.5Kg, it has a pulling capacity of 700Kg on a single line and is powered by Honda’s 4-stroke GX-35cc engine.


The genius of these winches is that the rope length is not limited (like a conventional winch) due to its capstan drum system. They are very easy to set-up and use: The rope is tied to the object to be moved and wound three or four times around the capstan drum. When the engine is running, the capstan drum rotates continuously and the friction created by pulling on the free end of the rope pulls the object. The winch can be used with any length of double braided, low stretch, polyester rope. We have included 50m of the recommended 10mm Rope with the Hunting Kit and 12mm with the Forestry Kit.


Both kits include a multi-purpose Sling, 2X Locking Carabiners, a Swing-Side Snatch Block (or pulley) that is often useful to change the line pull direction of a load, to get some lift on the rope, or to double the pulling power!


To round off the Forestry Kit we’ve added; a strong Skidding Cone that will prevent the log bashing and getting caught on stumps, roots and branches; Choker Chain that allows you to tie together multiples trees or bundles of sticks and pull everything together as one; A Locking Grab Hook and a Rope Bag which stores up to 50m of 12mm rope.


And completing the Hunting Kit; a tough Transport Case and a smart Vinyl Rope Bag, which both attach to the convenient Back Pack.


We can also make up a kit designed specifically for you and your task at hand. Choose the power and capabilities of your winch, the Skidding Cone and Choker Chain are ideal for shifting loads, and then add pulleys and anchors as needed for your chosen application. Plus, we’re always here to give friendly advice and recommendations when needed. 


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