Westermann Honda Moss Brush - Deep Drum

WR870 - suitable for all hard surfaces
£1,470.00 + vat
£1,470.00 + vat

Power For Professionals

The Westermann range of weed and moss brushes is the next generation alternative to pressure washing for both the commercial industry and domestic users. With German engineering and a Honda engine all backed by UK Distributors SPA Power Machinery, what’s stopping you?

Animal Feed Sweeping

When equipped with a poly brush the Westermann Honda Moss Brush (Deep Drum) offers a practical and efficient method to sweeping and aerating animal feed. The extra 5cm of drum head will allow you to capture all the feed in one sweep.

Snow Clearance

Due to the power of the Westermann you can effortlessly clear snow from your drive, the road or the surrounding pathways. With the deep drum option you will be able to clear deeper amounts of snow.

Hard Surface Moss Removal

Equipped with a wire brush, the Westermann WR870 will remove thick moss and light weeds from any hard surface. The clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation of the brush allows you to get into the cracks and crevices where the moss resides without the use of harsh chemicals or water.

Powered by Honda

Quality and performance come as standard in both Honda engine options. Day in and day out, professionals rely on the GXV160 to deliver reliable, easy starting, fuel efficient performance.

German Engineering

Manufactured in Germany, the belt driven machine comes complete with a jockey wheel situated underneath the brush that allows you to adjust the angle of the bristles, enabling an aggressive or light brushing action. Thanks to the professional design, even on the most aggressive setting, the brush will not cause damage on block paving, tarmac and concrete. For more delicate surfaces we always recommend to carry out a test patch first.

Read the FAQ and view our Westermann prodcut brochure.

Key Features

- 4-Stroke Honda engine
- Clockwise & Anticlockwise brush rotation
- Adjustable brush height
- 870mm diameter brush head
- Interchangeable brush heads
- Handlebars fold down for transit or storage
- Galvanised chassis
- 1 year commercial warranty
- HAVs rating: 2.36 m/s2

Which surfaces does this Moss Brush work on?

- Block Paving
- Concrete
- Tarmac
- Brick / Stone setts
- Sports surfaces
- Rubber Play surfaces

Upgrade Engine Option

- Upgrade to Honda GXV 160 OHV engine; + £170.00
- 3 year commercial engine warranty
- Cast iron cylinder sleeve
- Larger fuel tank and air filter
- We recommend this engine upgrade for heavy commercial usage

Machine Brushes

Supplied as standard with a Wire brush, with additional brush types available.
The Poly brush is used for all sweeping, and is also suited to livestock areas.
The Poly/Wire mix is suitable for more delicate surfaces with light moss covering.

What's the difference between the Moss Brush and the Moss Brush - Deep Drum?

The Moss Brush - Deep Drum provides a 5cm taller brush drum, which allows you to move deeper piles of material.
For example; deep leaves, snow, or animal feed.

What's the difference between the Moss Brush and the Weed Ripper?

The weed brush (Weed Ripper) is designed for removing established weeds which are typically more than 1 year old. It has 12 individually rotating bristles which attack the weeds from all angles at high speed.
The Moss Brush is designed for removing moss of any age, and for removing young weeds which are typically less than 1 year old.

Cutting Diameter870mm Working Width
DimensionsOperating Mode; 87(w), 180(l), 103(h). Transit Mode; 87(w), 125(l), 60(h) cm
EngineHonda GCV 160 OHC 4-stroke or GXV 160 OHV 4-Stroke
Fuel Tank Capacity0.93 litre
Net Weightwith GCV engine 65kg | with GXV engine 69kg
  • Westermann Machine Body - One (1) Year Commercial Use
  • Westermann Machine Body - Two (2) Year Private Use
  • Honda GCV Engine - Three (3) Months Commercial Use
  • Honda GXV Engine - Three (3) Years Commercial Use

Warranty is limited to defects in workmanship or parts, from the date of supply (by the distributor) when used in accordance with reasonable use and care. Please keep your proof of purchase to assist with any warranty claims.

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To Make a Claim:

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  2. Contact SPA Power Machinery (a trade name for SPA Landscaping Limited) on +44 (0)114 2699119 or at info@spapowermachinery.com and provide details of the fault and details of purchase (invoice number & serial number) to obtain technical support;
  3. If technical support does not rectify the fault and the warranty claim is accepted by the Company, the Company will provide a return number for the consumer to return the product, at the customers own cost, with the details of the fault and any other details requested by the Company to the following address:  SPA Landscaping Limited, 22 Orgreave Close, Sheffield, S13 9NP, ENGLAND
  4. Ensure the product is packaged in a way that will not cause damage to the product during transport. 


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