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Many thanks to Henry of Henry Halliday & Son for submitting his customer story, in his own words Henry explains why the Westermann has improved their business.
“As a company we have offered a pressure washing service to mainly domestic clients within the East Yorkshire area for over 30yrs. Until May 2022 we used a petrol driven pressure washer on all our work but we were very aware of its limitations. Pressure washing can be slow and creates a great deal of mess, we chose the Westermann machines to address these issues."

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"Over our many years in business we have continuously looked for ways to improve our service, we identified 2 areas that we thought we needed to improve,
Firstly, pressure washing is a messy business, it creates a great deal of sludge than can be very time consuming to clean up. Using the Westermann moss brush gives an excellent clean dry clean without the mess, making the job go quicker.
Secondly, cleaning Tarmac can be difficult with a power washer, the Westermann brush is an excellent alternative. it can gently remove moss without the risk of damage.

We purchased the Westermann Moss Brush primarily to clean Tarmac that suffered from heavy moss growth (a job that it does amazingly well), we soon realised that it was also very effective at removing moss & smaller weeds from block paved driveways. We now use it on 90% of all our driveway cleans.

These photos give an example where normal power washing cannot be used on a home patio, the patio is a house brick laid on compacted sand with sand brushed into the joints. Normal power washing would remove both the joint sand and undermine the bedding sand. The only option on patios constructed like this is to use a powered brush system like the Westermann moss brush. It can effectively clean fragile surfaces without causing damage."

Before and after of block paving cleaned using Westermann Moss Brush
Block paving with moss removed by machine

 Not just driveways - Henry Halliday & Son cover a vast array of exterior cleaning services including walls, fascias, soffits, gutters and more.

Get in touch with via their website www.henryhalliday.co.uk, or call 01482 805118.