How to change a belt set for the Westermann WKB660

How to change a belt set for the Westermann WKB660

Along with our 'How to change a belt set for the Westermann WR870' video, we have now also released a video for the WKB660. This can be found in fu...
How to change a belt set for the Westermann WR870

How to change a belt set for the Westermann WR870

Recently we released our video guide for removing and replacing a full belt set for the Westermann WR870 Honda Moss Brush. This video can be found ...

What makes petrol stale?

Shelf Life Petrol deteriorates quicker than you might realise. Within 1 month, even when stored correctly, its qualities decline, causing performan...

Lockdown Video Series

KEEPING OURSELVES BUSY Whilst we haven’t been able to be out and about meeting customers due to Covid-19 we decided to make a new set of Westermann...

Tools for Gardening with a Disability

Healthy Benefits of Gardening Gardening is a beneficial form of exercise – it builds strength and endurance, and it’s one of the physical activitie...

How to drive 4" posts into dry or hard ground

Easy Petrol Post Driver
The task at hand The searing heat of last week may have put paid to some jobs in and around your farm, yet replacing fence posts that are rotten, o...

Fencing for various Animal types

Recommendations for animal types: Small – Sheep / Goats / Pigs - 5’6” length posts, making 4’ high fence - 3” diameter posts, or equivalent metal /...

Building a Fence

Easy Petrol Post Driver
Getting Started... First things first, before you start constructing your new fence, you’re going to need a detailed plan to help set you up for su...

Marquee Adapter for Easy Petrol Post Driver

Easy Petrol Post Driver
Quicker and Easier Installation As wedding and festival season approaches, tents and marquees are all starting to go up, as well as signposts and t...