Westermann WR870 Moss Brush

Recently we released our video guide for removing and replacing a full belt set for the Westermann WR870 Honda Moss Brush. This video can be found in full on YouTube below;

However, if you prefer written out instructions, we have wrote a step by step guide for you to follow.

Tools Required

  • 3/8" Ratchet with 13mm Socket and 75mm Extension
  • 17mm Spanner
  • 13mm Spanner
  • Flat Head Screw Driver

Belts Required

  • Drum Belt - KT-00-00430
  • Toothed Belt - KT-00-432
  • Blue Belt - KT-00-00431


1. Remove the Drum Belt

To remove the drum belt take a Flathead Screwdriver and place it under the belt in the groove on the drum. While spinning the drum pry the belt out of the groove and over the top of the drum. See image below.


Removing the Drum Belt off the WR870

2. Remove the Drum

To remove the drum, the front and top screws must be removed. Take the 13mm spanner and unscrew the bolt that is facing outwards towards the front of the machine (see image).

Front and Top screw WR870

Next, remove the top screw by loosening the washer at the bottom of the screw, and then unscrewing the bolt.

Once both of these have been removed, lean the machine back onto its handles, leaving the drum on your work surface.

3. Remove the Toothed Belt

To remove the Toothed Belt, the small pulley that the toothed belt is looped around must be unscrewed. Do not attempt to remove the belt without removing the pulley, as this can damage the machine.

The screw to remove the pulley can be found on the top side of the machine at the base of the oil inlet. Unscrew the screw using a 17mm Spanner. 

Once unscrewed remove the pulley and the toothed belt from the underside of the machine.

Removing the Toothed Belt gear

4. Remove the Metal Guard

The metal guard MUST be removed before attempting to remove the Blue Belt. Failing to do so will result in damaging the machine.

To remove the guard take the 13mm Ratchet and unscrew the two screws located at the top right and bottom left of the guard, on the underside of the machine.

5. Remove the Blue Belt

Remove the Blue Belt by prying it off the pulleys. To do this, spin the pulley and pull the belt towards you. The belt should pop out of the grooves on both pulleys.

6. Install the New Blue Belt

Install the new Blue Belt by looping it around the large bottom pulley and the smaller pulley at the top.

The Blue belt must be in the grooves closest to the machine body. You must also ensure the belt is not twisted in anyway and in the sitting in the grooves correctly.

7. Install the New Toothed Belt

When installing the Toothed belt please note that the "Teeth" on the belt must be facing outwards towards the edges of the machine, NOT INWARDS.

To install the new Toothed belt, loop it around the large bottom pulley and the pulley you removed earlier.

While holding the toothed belt inside the grooves of the removed pulley, screw it back in place.

reinstalling tooth belt gear

8. Reaffix the Metal Guard

Reaffix the metal guard over the Blue Belt, but underneath the toothed belt.

reinstalling the guard

9. Reinstall the Drum

Before dropping the machine back onto the drum, ensure the screw hole on the drum is facing forwards so that the front screw can be screwed into it.

Drop the machine back onto the drum ensuring the front screw lines up correctly. Then screw the top jockey wheel screw and front screw back into place.

10. Install the New Drum Belt

Re-lift the machine back onto its handles with the drum attached to the machine.

While holding part the belt underneath the machine in the grooves on the small pulley attached to the large pulley, wrap the Drum Belt around the drum and back into its groove. 

installing drum belt
installing drum belt

We recommend watching the video for this step to fully understand how to do this. Click here to jump straight to step 10 in the video.

Finally, spin the drum around and ensure the Drum Belt is not twisted at any point.