Removing WKB660 Drum Belt

Along with our 'How to change a belt set for the Westermann WR870' video, we have now also released a video for the WKB660. This can be found in full below;

We have also written a step by step guide for you to follow again if you prefer written out instructions.

Tools Required

  • 3/8" Ratchet with 13mm Socket and 75mm Extension
  • 15mm Spanner
  • 13mm Spanner
  • 2x 10mm Spanner
  • 4mm Allen Key
  • Flathead Screwdriver

Belts Required

  • Drum Belt - KT-00-00430
  • Blue Belt - KT-00-00431

Step 1 - Remove the Guard

Firstly the red/yellow guard needs to be removed. To do this unscrew the 2 side screws with the 4mm Allen Key, and unscrew the front screw with a 10mm Spanner.

Step 2 & 3 - Prep to remove the Drum Belt

Before the Drum belt can be removed, the top screw needs to be unscrewed using the 15mm Spanner and the front screw loosened with a 10mm Spanner. 

Step 4 - Remove the Drum Belt

To remove the Drum Belt take a Flathead Screwdriver and place it under the belt in the groove on the drum. While spinning the drum pry the belt out of the groove and over the top of the drum. See image below.

Removing Drum Belt on WKB660

Step 5 - Remove the Front Screw

For new models the front screw has a 4mm Allen key hole through it, allowing it to be removed by unscrewing the screw with a 4mm Allen key.

For older models, screw both nuts back onto the screw, and use 2 x 10mm Spanners on the nuts unscrew the screw.

Step 6 - Remove the Drum 

Lean the machine backwards on to its handles leaving the drum on the work surface.

Step 7 - Remove the Metal Guard

The metal guard MUST be removed before attempting to remove the Blue Belt. Failing to do so will result in damaging the machine.

To remove the guard take the 13mm Ratchet and unscrew the two screws located at the top right and bottom left of the guard, on the underside of the machine.

Step 8 - Remove the Blue Belt

Remove the Blue Belt by prying it off the pulleys. To do this, spin the pulley and pull the belt towards you. The belt should pop out of the grooves on both pulleys.

Step 9 - Install the New Blue Belt

Install the new Blue Belt by looping it around the large pulley at rear of the machine (the one closest to the machine body) and the smaller pulley at the front of the machine.

Step 10 - Reinstall the Machine Guard.

Reinstall the machine guard using the 13mm Ratchet.

underside of the Westermann WKB660

Step 11 - Drop the Machine back onto the Drum

Before dropping the machine back onto the drum, loop the new Drum Belt around the rear pulley loosely and over the front of the drum, as shown in the image below.

WKB660 with removed drum

Also, before dropping the machine back onto the drum, make sure that the front screw hole is facing forwards so that the screw can be screwed into it.

Step 12 - Reinstall the Top and Front Screws

Screw the top screw back in using a 15mm Spanner.

Reinstall the front, with the 2 nuts still attached. Once the screw is full screwed in, use 2 x 10mm Spanners to remove 1 of the nuts and place a washer in its place.

Step 13 - Install the New Drum Belt

Install the new Drum Belt by holding it onto the rear pulley on the underside of the machine and around the front of the machine drum.

WKB660 Installing new drum belt
Reinstalling the Drum belt WKB660

Ensure the belt is not twisted and fully in the drum grooves by spinning the drum.

Step 13.5 - Re-tensioning the Drum Belt

After installing the new Drum Belt, it may need to be re-tensioned.

To do this unscrew the screw on the top corners of the machine, As shown in the image below.

Put a flathead screwdriver in the gap between the metal plate and move the plate forward. Once the plate cannot move any further forward, retighten the nut. 

Repeat this for both sides of the metal plate and ensure the holes match so the Drum Belt is evenly tensioned.

re tensioning the Drum Belt

Step 14 - Reinstall the Red/Yellow guard.

Reinstall the front screw and washer using a 10mm spanner and the side screws using a 4mm Allen Key.

We still recommend watching through the video before changing the belts on your WKB660 Weed Ripper to ensure you know how to follow each step correctly.