Westermann WR870 Moss Brush

Along side our ''How to change a belt set for the Westermann WR870'  we have now released a video guide on how to change the Brush Head aswell. This can be found below;

Along with this video, we have written a step by step guide that you can also use to change the Brush Head on your WR870.

Tools Required 

  • Drill/Ratchet with 10mm Socket
  • Hammer

Parts Required

  • Replacement Brush Head (Wire or Poly or Poly/Wire Mix or Astro Turf Brush 

Step 1 

Push the machine handles down into the position for transit/storage, and lean the machine onto rear as shown in the image below;

Westermann WR870 Moss Brush

Step 2

Using a Drill or Ratchet with a 10mm Socket, Remove all 6 screws from the inside of the Brush Head and the Metal Brackets.

Step 3

Remove the Brush Head.

Step 4

Fit the new Brush Head around the Drum, holding it in place with the Metal Brackets.

Step 5 

Retighten the screws using a Drill or Ratchet with a 10mm Socket. The Metal Brackets will need hammering in towards the drum as you are retighten the screw. This is to ensure the Metal Brackets and Brush Head is flush with the Drum.

Removing Brush Head of Westermann WR870

Step 6

Lean the machine forward, back and put the handles back into the operating position.