Westermann WR870 removing moss

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Our machinery dealership was born from years of experience within the landscaping and grounds maintenance industry. With this, we feel we’re well equipped both knowledge and experience wise to provide innovative machinery that does the job we say. So when we engage with you, our customers, the power to knowledge share is unrivalled and from time-to-time, it works both ways.

Richard Parkinson from Wild Ground recently gathered his opinions on not just the Westermann Honda Moss Brush, but the environmental impact of moss itself. Discover his review, below.

What is moss?

"Moss, the small flowerless plant, that lurks within the shadows and thrives between the gaps. Its appetite for moisture produces magnificent green carpets on a multitude of host surfaces. That’s perfect for the woodland floor, but when it comes to paving and tarmac, not only is it unsightly, it can quickly become a health and safety menace.

Ways to remove moss growth

When it comes to the control of moss, there are multiple methods on the market. However, due to climate change, the environmental impacts of these solutions are facing scrutiny with alternative solutions sought to meet the increasing requests of concerned clients.

As moss is a plant, any product used to kill or control it, are pesticides. Their surface runoff is leading to increased contamination of our water, with the majority lacking any aquatic approval. Add to this combination the legal requirement for the contractor to gain professional qualifications for their application, plus permissions from the environment’s agency depending on buffer zones; it can make treating moss expensive and problematic.

Alternatives to chemicals

We must then consider the pressure washer, perfect for concrete and block paving, and a popular choice for the homeowner and professional alike. Pressure washing does, however, require vast amounts of water to lift dirt and detritus, impacting significantly on the environment. The water has to be captured and filtered by water companies before being returned to the network, at considerable expense to the water companies and the client. If we consider those clients who have a metered water supply, many never take into consideration the additional cost of their increased water consumption when they accept the quote.

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When sustainability becomes a priority

Welcome the Westermann range of moss removal machinery, the new weapon in the fight for sustainable and cost-effective solutions to commodity substance and water consumption.

This marvel of Germany engineering, coupled with the choice of either the Honda GCV 160 OHC as standard or GXV 160 OHC as an optional upgrade, certainly ticks the box for build and reliability.

The galvanised chassis construction provides a robust, durable platform, perfect for the everyday commercial user. Every feature carefully thought out, from the quick release folding handles to aid transportation and storage, to the directional drive handle holder.

The colossal 870mm interchangeable brush heads have the option of clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation, which I’ve found to be perfect when trying to remove those last ingrained pieces of stubborn moss and windrow debris. 

The performance certainly matches the build quality, quickly powering through dense moss and light weed growth, rejuvenating the trickiest of surfaces such as tarmac. I won’t lie, it’s a beast of a machine that takes a certain amount of strength to control as it grips the surface, but the results are well worth the full-body workout. The positive feedback from clients echoing the visual impact after each job, indeed, confirms this machine will soon become commonplace amongst contractors looking to offer a greener alternative. Yes, you could argue that having an engine, it's not green, but considering the engine efficiency and the other options available, it’s a no brainer.

It’s a 10/10 from Wild Ground"

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