Becoming more eco-friendly

The way we live and work is changing. We are more aware of the climate and how our actions affect our planet. As a generation, we’ve made great progress since the industrial age to become greener and more eco-friendly. Sadly, there has still been a number of issues that are yet to have been addressed, until now.

Forward thinking businesses are following the inspiration from Save the Planet campaigns and becoming more pro-active in establishing more efficient and eco-friendly ways of working. 

Today’s modern way of chemical-free weed and moss removal is quickly taking the driveway cleaning industry by storm. The method which involves either a pedestrian or ride-on machine requires no pre or post treatment yet still offers the same quality finish. 

Market Leaders

Throughout Europe, this method has been the norm for the past few decades.

In Germany many more chemicals are banned than here in Britain, so companies such as Westermann Radialbesen have established a reputation for chemical free removal since 1989. 

In Britain attitudes are only just beginning to change, which undoubtedly means there isn’t the one ‘known’ brand you would turn to. Additionally, without an assured understanding of how the operation works, it’s hard to know where to look and who to turn to. This almost always results in opting for what we know; chemically killing the moss or jet washing drives clean with gallons of valuable water. 

Fortunately, SPA Power Machinery, based in Sheffield, have been dedicated to reducing the amount of chemical usage where possible and have been selling the British manufactured Cubb Weed Brush since 2016. This relationship allowed them to develop an industry wide knowledge of the best practices and spearhead the chemical-free revolution. 

The popularity grew at such a pace that they recognized the requirement of a larger range and in Summer 2018, they became the UK distributors of Westermann Radialbesen, who offer a selection of sweepers, moss brushes, and weed rippers in both pedestrian operated and ride-on options. 

Greener Future

Knowing that we are rapidly running out of time to save the planet has prompted us all to take a step back and assess how we can help drive towards a greener and brighter future. From new industrial plastic solutions to simply recycling more within your own home, we’re in this together.

Laurie Anthony, Director at SPA Power Machinery talks passionately about the subject and how they became the instigators of the chemical-free weed and moss brushes. “We’ve been operating as a family run landscaping business for almost 40 years and have witnessed the growing trend of bringing a greener future. For years we’ve looked at how, as a company, we can increase our recycling and adapt the way we operate. Now, the new partnership with Westermann opens the door for us to not just change our way of operation but our peers as well. Heading into the second half of this year we plan to drive the industry forward and lead the change for a greener future. With support from Westermann, a team complete with an enviable amount of knowledge and a dedicated showroom that allows us to show potential clients the most efficient ways of operating - we couldn’t be more ready!” 

In the near future SPA Power Machinery plan on hosting regular open days with the aim of bringing the industry together to share their knowledge and techniques. 

It’s about time that we, in Britain, caught up with our counterparts across Europe. 

Don’t worry! You don’t have to wait until the next open day, the showroom is open to the public on a daily basis and they’ll welcome you in with a hot drink and tour of their headquarters. 

If you have been inspired by today’s article please contact SPA Power Machinery on 0114 269 9119 or email info@spapowermachinery.com to discover how you can change your operation. 

Join us in a Greener Future.