The Day itself

The buzz in and around our showroom was exciting; visitors were joining in with the demonstrations, networking amongst themselves, and truly enjoying hearing about the next generation of chemical-free machinery. It’s fair to say, the very first SPA Power Machinery Open Day can be ruled a success, something which seemed an impossible dream at 6:30am as the heavens opened…

As we made the final preparations the night before we feared a wash out was incoming. We arrived the next morning and began setting up the 12-meter wide trailer, at which point the heavens opened. We feared the worst. Our hopes of presenting the machines outside on our forecourt were dashed and the decision to move inside was imminent.

A blessing in disguise

An hour later we were welcoming in our first visitor and fears that the last-minute change to the layout wouldn’t work, were gone. The open plan design between the warehouse presentation and showroom proved to be a success.

One benefit we’d not anticipated from the day was the natural networking that developed amongst the visitors. It was a pleasure to see everyone interacting and capturing the opportunity to demonstrate machines not just with us, but with each other as well.

As we approached dinner time, the kettle had been boiled 17 times, we’d sliced the second helping of cake baked by our Director, Pam, and Simon had found the perfect spot for the ongoing demonstrations. A derelict area of block paving that had been overrun with weeds, moss and debris. Simon showcased a range of machinery including the Westermann Weed Ripper, Westermann Moss Brush and Cubb Weed Brush. Once satisfied, we made our way back to the showroom to talk more about how these machines can upgrade a business.

Sales were ringing through the till, and the feel-good factor was only enhanced by the now blue skies and glorious sunshine. The thoughts that ran through our head at 6:30am were now a distant memory.

Natural Networking

The conversations flowed and all centred around one major point. Understanding that these machines are the next generation alternative to pressure washing is vital if you want your business to excel into the next decade. In just over 3 months we will be in 2020. The time for using chemicals and gallons of water to clean hard surfaces is in the past. Large contracts such as Councils and Housing Associations are imposing bans on the chemical usage, and looking for environmentally friendly options where possible.

At times, there is apprehension towards new machines entering the industry. Not this occasion. The need for a machine such as the Westermann has been there for a long time, numerous manufacturers have tried with little success. Each time the same mistake is made, attempting to create a ‘one-size fits all machine’ at a suitable price point. Quite simply, is not possible as no job is the same.

  • Uneven surfaces
  • Thick weeds
  • Moss
  • Delicate stone
  • Tight corners and kerb edges
  • Narrow pathways
  • Steep inclines…

The list of variables goes on and this is why Westermann have exceeded expectations. They understand the issues at hand. They create machines designed for the variety of job requirements, each with a unique solution. For instance, the Westermann Weed Ripper will rip thick overgrown weeds out of the surface in one pass, typically an area that hasn’t been treated for years, whereas the Westermann Moss Brush will remove moss and brighten up any hard surface. An understanding we were able to share on our demonstrations.

End of the Day

Evening approached and as our last few visitors left just before 7pm we were thrilled and equally stunned at the success of the day. Backed by a genuine belief in our product, we knew that people who joined us would witness exactly what we meant when we say “The next generation alternative to pressure washing is here”

The instant feedback was wonderful with people genuinely delighted with not just the products and service but also the day in general. A hot cup of tea and slice of cake is one thing, successful demonstrations is another. But the chance to interact and engage with fellow professions is invaluable.

With this in-mind, a huge thank you must go out to all our staff on the day as well as Wayne Jenner from Verdego who voluntarily answered questions throughout the entire morning on how he uses the Westermann range to generate business.

Plans are in place already to host a 2020 open day so please watch this space for details.