Westermann CM2 Pro with Re-edger

This latest addition to the selection of attachments is specifically designed for stripping back grass that has overgrown paths and over pin-curbs.

The Westermann CM2 PRO Path Re-Edger is an efficient way to clear soil and weed overgrowth from path edges. The pulverised soil can be blown back onto the grass areas leaving a wider, cleaner, and safe pathway. Overgrowth of 200-300mm can be quickly cleared to reveal the original pathway or pin-curb.

cm2 pro with Re-edger

The metal brushes can be removed and replaced easily with a single bolt, from 1 to 12 brushes installed on the attachment at once depending on the application, ground and thickness of the grass being cut back.

Attachment supplied with 6 x 16mm brushes. Brushes are changed by unscrewing a simple bolt.

Prices (RRP)
CM2 PRO with Oil Cooler and Path Re-Edger Attachment £8530 + VAT
Path Re-Edger Attachment £930 + VAT

Replacement Brushes £8.00 per brush / £48.00 per set of 6

You can see videos of the Westermann Path Re-Edger at

Contact SPA your nearest dealer on 0114 269 9119 or Info@spapowermachinery.com

Thank you to Swallownest Community Centre for being our test site for the Path Re-Edger.