Driving in Marquee Pin with The Easy Petrol Post Driver

Quicker and Easier Installation

As wedding and festival season approaches, tents and marquees are all starting to go up, as well as signposts and temporary fencing. This can be a time-consuming and physically demanding job, and the revolutionary Petrol Post Driver can make a world of difference.

Handheld and portable, the petrol-powered driver is suitable for any size post up to 4”

Temporary sites can become a busy, bustling place while under construction, with many different companies all working on site. As many of the jobs are time sensitive, this Post Driver can perform tasks quickly and efficiently.

It is also cheaper and lighter than the next closest thing on the market today.

The Marquee Pin Adapter is designed to drive the pegs flush to the ground and can be used with various head profiles, including mushroom and bent-over pegs. This enables the operator to move quickly from one pin to the next.

The high impact hammer action of 1720 BPM will drive a post into the ground in a matter of seconds, with the power pack being the ultra-reliable Honda GX35T 4-Stroke Engine. The harsh hammering action is isolated from the operator via spring cushioned handles allowing many hours of fatigue-free operation.

There’s also minimal running costs, as 500 posts can be driven into the ground per litre of fuel.

The machine is extremely versatile as it has multiple attachments for different applications, and if you can’t see what you need they will make it for you.

Easy petrol post driver