Penzance Council take on CM2Pro for Weed and Moss Removal

We headed to Cornwall to do a demo and training with Penzance Council team for their new machine, the Westermann CM2 Pro Ride-On.


The CM2 Pro is our most versatile machine, with over 16 different attachments allowing it to be used for a wide range of areas, from weed and moss removal to agricultural applications.


Training on the CM2 Pro Ride-On

Due having very large areas of Moss and Weed, Penzance council went with the Ride-On option, over the pedestrian machines. The Ride-On CM2 Pro offers very little user fatigue and can make quick work of large areas in a short period of time. The CM2 PRO is also very easy to operate as an individual working on their own, as attachments can easily be changed by a single user.

The machine was purchased with three Attachments:

  • WKB550 Weed Brush
  • AX1200 Axial Sweeper
  • R1000 Wire

WKB550 Wire Weed Brush

The first attachment Penzance chose was the WKB 550mm Weed Brush. This attachment is used for removal of weeds from hard surfaces including Tarmac, Block Paving and Concrete. This solution is a great alternative method to weed removal, without the use of water or harsh chemicals.

The use of water and harsh chemicals was one of the main reasons why Penzance Council wanted to move away from traditional methods of weed removal, due to the health and safety drawbacks and the wastage of water.

AX1200 Axial Sweeper

The Axial Sweeper AX 1200mm is used for sweeping loose debris from hard surfaces into its collection box, this attachment makes a great pairing with both the brush attachments taken.

The Axial Sweeper was important for Penzance Council to reduce the amount of time their workers needed to spend on site. Before using the CM2 PRO to clear loose debris and leaves, they were using shovels and wheelbarrows. Now with the Axial Sweeper it has considerably reduced clear up time.


R1000 Wire Radial Brush

The Wire Radial Brush R1000mm is a stiff wire brush for removing thick moss and light weeds from any hard surface.

This brush again offers a great alternative method for removing weeds and moss without the use of water or harsh chemicals. The hydraulic controls allow for the brush head to spin clockwise and anticlockwise as well as raised and lowered, to clean all cracks.

Thank you to Penzance Council for sharing your training day with us.

Trainees standing with their new machines