Spotless Shed, Happy Cows: Explore the Latest in Dairy Hygiene with Westermann at SPA Power Machinery

Our friends at Machinery Nation test out the Westermann WS800 farm scraper, a battery-powered alternative to a tractor mounted scraper or robotic scraping system that can scrape slurry and sileage in even the tightest of corners. Read on for the results.


If you’re in the farming industry, you know that keeping your yard and cow sheds clean and hygienic for both your workers and the animals is of the utmost importance, and requires constant and repetitive attention. In their most recent video, the folks over at Machinery Nation have been putting Westermann Farm Scrapers to the test at a dairy farm to see how they measure up in a real-life agricultural setting, putting the Westermann WS800 Battery-Powered Scraper through its paces with three different scraping attachments.

Read on to find out how the Westermann yard scraper performed in a livestock farm setting, or watch the video below to see why you should consider adding a Westermann to your farming equipment inventory.


Why Choose the Westermann WS800 Farm Scraper?

The Westermann WS800 Vario Farm Scraper is a battery-powered walk-behind muck scraper that enables you to stand behind it and scrape to your heart’s content. Whether you’re looking for an alternative to manual scraping, a backup to your tractor system, or to reach those awkward places your robot scraper can’t reach, this farm scraper is just the solution to your farming maintenance needs.

Ideal for farms with cubicles that don’t have automatic slurry scrapers, and a good alternative to an expensive robotic scraping system, the Westermann farm scraper’s lighter weight makes it easy to manoeuvre whilst being able to take on scraping large volumes of slurry and pushing heavy silage. Plus, its fully galvanised body ensures it can withstand the corrosive elements typically found in agricultural settings.

Another benefit of the Westermann WS800 is that it has excellent grip thanks to its agricultural pattern tyres and balanced weight distribution over the central axle. The machine has a good transport speed and can easily climb small steps and changes in gradient around the yard which, combined with its lighter weight and long battery life, makes it great for effortlessly moving from task to task across the farmyard. Its on-board charger can be plugged into any 3-pin plug for easy charging of its reliable battery system, which when fully charged lets you enjoy up to 100 minutes of continuous operation at a top speed of 7 km/h – more than enough time to get your barn paths and livestock cubicles in order. The underside of the machine features a handy battery charge indicator too, so that you always know how much power you’ve got left on the job.

The Westermann yard scraper couldn’t be more user-friendly. Despite its power, this machine is designed to work quietly and emission-free so as to not disturb your animals’ environment, making for stress-free stall cleaning and silage feeding for both farmer and livestock. It features a toggle switch for forward and reverse controls on the side, with a thumb throttle on the handle to control the speed, making it effortless to operate and negotiate around even the tightest of spaces. Plus, the scraping attachments are easy to hitch up and switch out when needed for whatever your daily barn chores throw at you.


Which Westermann scraper attachment is best for you?

In the video above, Machinery Nation tested out all three of Westermann’s interchangeable scraper attachments which each have their own unique benefits; the fixed 800mm scraper, the articulated 800mm feed shield, and the adjustable 800mm-1600mm pushing shield.


  • The fixed 800mm scraper is a small box scraper that is extremely resilient and, whilst slower than the larger pushing shield, is great for navigating smaller, tighter spaces and leaves a really nice, clean finish.
  • The articulated feed shield can be useful for many different applications due to its ability to be angled inwards or outwards depending on the task at hand. Using the shield at an angle is especially great for pushing silage for your livestock and does a super job, that’s much easier than forking back manually.
  • The adjustable width of the pushing shield is great for the more heavy duty tasks, such as moving large amounts of farm waste. It easily scrapes along mud and slurry for pushing out and away into slats, making light work of general farmyard cleaning and maintenance.

If you haven’t already, scroll back up and watch the video and find out why this machine and it’s attachments aren’t just a gimmick.


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