The Westermann WR870 Moss Brush: Chemical-Free Moss Removal

Our friends at Machinery Nation test out the Westermann WR870 Moss Brush, a next generation, chemical-free alternative to pressure washing that removes thick moss and light weeds from any hard surface. Keep reading to find out how they got on with using our Honda-powered moss removal brush.


Whether you’re a garden maintenance contractor, a hire outlet or even a groundskeeper on a private property or estate, keeping hard areas safe and clean can be a demanding task. Wet, mossy surfaces in particular pose a slipping hazard during the colder months, which is the last thing you want when somebody is using your outdoor space.

Tackling mossy, debris-ridden surfaces with a traditional broom and shovel method requires back-breaking manual labour and leaves stubborn remnants between cracks and crevices. Using chemical solutions can be costly and harmful to the environment, and using a pressure washer during the winter months runs the risk of creating another slippery hazardous surface if it then freezes over afterwards.

This is where the Westermann WR870 Moss Brush comes in handy. The Westermann Moss Brush is the perfect addition to any garden machinery arsenal for clearing dirty outdoor surfaces, such as removing moss from tarmac or concrete, offering a chemical-free moss removal solution that requires no electricity or water.


The folks over at Machinery Nation put it to test over on their YouTube channel last winter to see how it measures up in both a commercial and domestic setting. Read on to find out how it performs against tough mossy areas, or watch the video below to see why you should consider adding a Westermann to your grounds maintenance equipment inventory.

 Why Choose the Westermann WR870 Moss Brush?

Equipped with a range of easy user-friendly features, the Westermann moss removal brush provides a professional alternative to pressure washing for both commercial and domestic users, with a petrol-powered wire brush that’s built for hard surface moss removal.

This powerful moss sweeper is also a much easier and efficient alternative to traditional manual methods such as a stiff sweeping brush and shovel, which can’t get into the cracks between slabs and blocks to pull up debris for a proper deep clean, and is not to mention time-consuming and labour-intensive.

Powered by a reliable, fuel-efficient Honda GXV160 engine, the Westermann WR870 moss removal machine features a 87cm bi-rotational brush that’s not only designed for clearing moss, but is also suitable for taking care of other obstacles such as small weeds, dirt, debris and leaves.

With its low vibration and scratch-free brush design, it does the job quickly and efficiently. The bristles penetrate cracks and uneven surfaces with ease without damaging pointing or removing sand from between blocks. The clockwise and anti-clockwise brush action also means you can go over the same area without having to change your direction, which is perfect for those more awkward areas.

Each brush lasts an amazing 5,000sqm – a whole acre and a quarter – and the handles fold easily for transport, with plenty of structure to be able to strap down and secure within a van or on a trailer if you’re working across a large area of land or across multiple sites.

The jockey wheel with locking nut enables the operator to easily adjust the height of the bristles with the slightest touch if you need to raise or lower the brush to adapt to the level of moss and debris clearing you’re dealing with. Even on the most aggressive setting, the wire bristles will not cause damage to block paving, tarmac or concrete (although we recommend carrying out a patch test for more delicate surfaces).

The 87cm powered moss brush proves itself easily on the wider spaces of a commercial property, but it holds its own on domestic properties that involve smaller areas, tighter corners and different surfaces, working effectively even on porous old concrete and uneven slabs, too.

The Westermann WR870 also offers different brush heads, including a poly brush for general sweeping and animal feed, and an astro head to agitate rubber crumb and sand-based pitches to keep them looking tip-top. For heavier weed areas, Westermann also offer both a battery-powered and petrol-powered Weed Ripper that’s ideal for longer established weeds that are over a couple of months old.

 As you can see from the video above, the Westermann Honda Moss Brush WR870 isn’t a piece of novelty equipment – it’s the real deal!


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