The Westermann Weed Ripper Machine WKB660 & WKB330: Redefining Landscape Maintenance

The folks over at Machinery Nation tested out two Westermann weed ripper machines – the Honda-powered WKB660 and the battery-powered version of the WKB330 – to clear weeds, moss and debris from hard outdoor surfaces. A great alternative to herbicides and other harmful chemical weed removal treatments, keep reading to find out how they got on with these powerful weed removal machines.

A common sight on both commercial and domestic properties, and a challenge for landscape maintenance contractors, is cracks on hard surfaces with stubborn, overgrown and unwanted weeds growing out of them.

Manual methods of weed removal such as hand-pulling, hoeing and digging are incredibly time consuming and labour-intensive, especially on larger properties, often resulting in higher labour costs and back-breaking physical strain. Traditional weed removal methods are also often ineffective against weeds with extensive root systems, leaving pesky, persistent weeds with the opportunity to keep growing and resulting in more work needed to get the job done properly.


The Westermann Weed Ripper Machine WKB660 & WKB330: Redefining Landscape Maintenance

Using chemical herbicides for weed control comes with several disadvantages too, including environmental impact and potential health risks for humans, livestock and local wildlife. Continuous use of herbicides can also lead to the development of herbicide-resistant weeds, requiring the use of stronger or alternative herbicides which contributes to a prolonged cycle of harmful chemical use to kill weeds.

This is where the Westermann range of weed removal machines comes in handy. The next generation in more eco-friendly alternatives to herbicides for both the commercial industry and domestic users in landscape maintenance. The Westermann Weed Ripper is a chemical-free weed removal solution that requires no water - the perfect addition to any garden machinery arsenal for clearing unruly weeds from cracks and crevices in concrete, block paving, tarmac, brick, and even from walls and kerbs.

The folks over at Machinery Nation put both the Westermann Honda-powered Weed Ripper WKB660 and the smaller, battery-powered model of the Westermann Weed Ripper WKB330 to the test over on their YouTube channel last spring to see how they measure up. Read on to find out how they performs against tough weed-riddled areas, or watch the video below to see why you should consider adding a Westermann to your landscape maintenance equipment inventory.


What’s the difference between the Westermann Moss Brush and the Westermann Weed Ripper?

While the Westermann Moss Brush is a powerful moss remover that’s also effective against younger, smaller weeds. It’s not to be confused with the Westermann Weed Ripper that’s specially designed to clear larger, more stubborn areas of weeds.

The Westermann moss brush machine features one big wire brush that’s great for larger mossy surfaces, and is designed primarily for general moss removal across flatter areas and clearing smaller weeds along the way.

The Westermann Weed Ripper WKB660, on the other hand, works by utilising three individual rotating brush units on one oscillating base, with each unit equipped with four heavy duty braided wire brushes to really dig into cracks and crevices to remove thick, overgrown weeds incredibly effectively. While the smaller WKB330 model only features one brush unit, the unique design of these machines allows them to repeatedly attack weeds from all angles.

Machinery Nation have also put the Westermann WR870 Moss Brush to the test – check out our blog to find out more.


Why choose the Westermann WKB660?

The Westermann WKB660 Weed Brush is equipped with an ever reliable and efficient Honda GXV160 engine, alongside adjustable handles that are easily folded for transport and storage.

Great for cracks and crevices with larger surface areas of weeds - even on unlevel concrete - it features a level setting so that, as your brushes wear down, you can level the petrol weed brush at the back to keep the durable brushes flat, effective and level to the floor.

The WKB660 Weed Ripper can also be used as a lawn re-edging machine to redefine overgrown pathways, and even makes light work of pesky dock leaf-infested cracks, taking the stubborn weed right down to the nub in no time at all.


Why choose the Westermann WKB330?

The WKB330 may boast a smaller, simpler design than the WKB660, but its single brush unit with four hard-wearing bristles still packs a punch when tackling difficult patches of overgrown weeds. Particularly effective for smaller areas of tougher weeds and tight intricate areas, the battery-powered model runs on a system of two 58v 4-Ah Zomax batteries, with a 4-stroke petrol model also available.

This compact weed removal machine also features adjustable, easy folding handles for transport and storage, along with removeable debris guards. Easy to operate, simply turn the power on, press the button in the handle, pull the handle back, and away you go!


Are Westermann weed rippers suitable for weedy edges?

Both Westermann weed removal machines are equipped with a side-flap that lifts up so that you can get right up along the edges of slabs and paving to get weeds out along paving edges and in corners too.

By tipping the machine back slightly, you can even work in the sides of walls to tidy up and remove any weeds that are growing out between bricks. If you’re working along a kerb, you can tip it up to target the weeds growing between kerb slabs too.


How long do the bristles last?

On the larger WKB660 machine, the bristles last about 700sqm, whereas on the smaller WKB330 the bristles last around 200sqm.

When the bristles have worn they’re easy to replace - simply loosen the 17mm bolt, remove the old bristle out, pop the new bristle in, tighten up the bolt again and lock it back in with the lock nut. It really is as simple as that!


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