How is the WKB660 Innovative?

At the recently announced LAMMA ’20 Innovation Awards the Westermann Weed Ripper took Gold for the ‘Driven Innovation Award’. We thought we’d take a look into what made this German engineered machine stand out in a record number of entries.

Chemical-free weed removal is the latest trend in professional and home landscaping. The people behind Westermann Radialbesen designed the WKB660 with this idea in mind – it had to be environmentally friendly, able to run on large areas and be a reliable piece of equipment. Powered by a 4-Stroke Honda GXV 160 engine, it ensures combustion efficiency, low fuel and oil consumption, as well as low vibration and noise levels.

The machine uses three rotating brush-carriers, each made of four durable wire braids that can be changed easily without any tools thanks to a simple quick-change system. The braids apply even pressure, which means there are no scratches to the surface. Its sweeping principle guarantees all edges and corners are cleaned thoroughly, something most other producers consider a challenge. Speaking of edges, the machine comes equipped with a safety guard; this can be removed or lifted when cleaning up against edges. In addition, the Westermann WKB660 not only shears unwanted moss and weeds, it sustainably removes the root systems, greatly diminishing future growth.

Westermann’s product evolution

In 1989, Alfons Westermann developed his motorised radial sweeper with a poly brush and quickly grabbed the attention of people working in the agricultural sector. The machine’s efficiency was enough to drive the company’s success, enabling it to use high-end, quality materials during the manufacturing process and to develop a range of machines with brushes suitable for any kind of surface.

As the company grew, so did the demand for more powerful brushes. This led Westermann into creating a wire brush capable of tackling even the strongest of roots, but still gentle enough on the most delicate paving. Trial and error allowed them to find out which type of fibre works best with different surfaces.

Thinking outside the box, the team of designers and engineers behind Westermann also developed an innovative way in which this machine operates. Not only using brute force to pull weeds out, the WKB660 uses a rotation pattern which enables the wire braids to quickly and efficiently clean the intended surface seldom needing to go back-and forth over the same area.

Safety above all

With great power comes great responsibility. This is why the WKB660 has an automatic start/stop function, in the form of a Deadman handle, which stops the brushes from rotating when the switch isn’t being operated. The previously mentioned safety/splash guard also protects from any showing wire brushes or arisings that may shoot up in the air due to the speed at which the machine functions.

Keeping in mind that weeds and moss can become a safety hazard, the very use of the WKB660 is, in itself, a benefit to the owner. Moreover, removing chemicals such as weed, moss or mould killer from the cleaning routine will have a positive impact on both the local habitat and the operator’s health. Water is not needed either, which saves resources, money and time.

Demand in the Commercial Sector

The agricultural sector was where most Westermann products were being sold to. It is not financially viable, nor sustainable to use chemicals such as weed killer on large areas where farms operate.

The company has more recently however noticed an increased interest from landscaping or property maintenance businesses, where keeping driveways and paving weed and moss free is both an aesthetic and a safety feature. Water and chemicals are no longer required, saving them time and money. Increasingly the media are reporting suggestions of a partial or outright ban on chemicals such as Glyphosate across Europe. Monsanto have been in the firing line of a couple of high profile claims in the USA in recent years, it is only a matter of time before it crosses the pond. By getting ahead of the ban gives commercial contractors and the public sector an advantage over their competition. 

Many homeowners have started using the Westermann WKB660, the results surprising them after each use. Being easy to manoeuvre, the WKB660 has gained popularity among both the trade and the general public.

Whatever the feature is that catches your eye it’s not surprising to see why and how the Westermann Weed Ripper was awarded Gold, even during the meticulous judging.

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